Victorian Style House Plans

Radically opposite from minimalist architecture, Victorian home plans offer decoration on top of ornament. From the “Gingerbread” molding and fretwork to the attached gazebos and turrets, the Victorian style is anything but plain and simple. Typically, the exterior of a Victorian home is constructed in wood siding or clapboard, and has many opposing angles and curves in the form of bay windows and turrets. Both the front and back porches have decorative railings, the fancier the better.

The interior of a Victorian home is as interesting as the exterior: all those curves and angles make for unusually-shaped rooms. Many plans call for offices or libraries to be housed in the circular turret or tower of Victorian architecture, but how romantic to make it a bedroom instead! Luxurious carpeting and billowing window treatments will complete the ensemble for the full Victorian effect.

There are several cities in the United States that are known for their Victorian homes, such as the Painted Ladies of San Francisco. If the whimsical architecture of Victorian style homes suits you, there is no better place to search for your dream home than AmazingPlans.com!

Unique Features of Victorian Home Plans:

  • Almost always two or three stories.
  • Asymmetrical layout creates unique appearance.
  • Gingerbread trim work or other fanciful detailing on exterior.
  • Multiple roof lines with varying roof pitches.
  • Architectural features such as towers, gables and turrets.