Southern and Plantation Style House Plans

Southern House Plan H2208CWhen imagining a southern house plan, many prospective homeowners find themselves with a “Gone With the Wind” plantation style home in their mind’s eye. While most southern house plans are not designed with quite as much square footage or grandeur as Tara, the design elements remain similar: symmetrical columns, dramatic balconies, deep porches on the outside, with central staircases and large rooms within. Originally designed to accommodate the heat and humidity of the South, southern home plans typically have high ceilings and deep front porches, to have room for ceiling fans in both. Traditionally, southern home plans allow for brick or smooth stucco exteriors, although some are wood construction. The splendor of pre-Civil War southern homes is found even today, in many fine embellishments around the home. Transom windows are windows placed above the entry door, and can be fixed or casement windows. Many southern style homes have transom windows in stained or decorative glass for an interesting effect. Front porches are frequently adorned with custom railings.

Unique Features of Southern Home Plans:

Southern House Plan 24736

  • Classic appeal for those with an old-fashioned sense of style.

  • Constructed with either brick, wood or stucco exterior finish.

  • Decorative elements such as transom windows, porch railings and staircases.

  • High ceilings to accommodate ceiling fans.

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