About Southwestern and Pueblo Style House Plans


Southwestern Pueblo Style House PlanSouthwestern house plans can be found in a variety of sizes, whether you have in mind a simple adobe dwelling, or a sweeping mansion complete with courtyard fountain. Most commonly, southwestern home plans are single story with a stucco finish. Not uncommon is the combination of rough-hewn wood, stone and stucco for both exterior and interior accents. This construction was made popular by the arid conditions of the southwestern United States: the adobe or stucco tempered the hot days, and warmed the cool desert nights, keeping the occupants comfortable around the clock.

Architectural features such as an interior courtyard, arched doorways inside and out, angular or curved walls separate southwestern home plans from the rest. Adding details like tile flooring and wrought iron window covers complete the ensemble. The modern southwestern style home is a descendant of the grand architecture of Spain, brought to the West hundreds of years ago. With so many southwestern style home plans to choose from, AmazingPlans.com is the perfect resource for selecting your dream home!

Unique Features of Southwestern and Pueblo House Plans:

Southwestern Pueblo Style House Plan

  • Distinctive arched doorways, both interior and exterior.
  • Adobe or stucco exterior finish with accents of wood and stone.
  • Roofs are generally flat, with clay or terra cotta tiles.
  • Most offer covered entryways and exposed beam ceilings.

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