Should You Add a Full Basement to your House Plan?

In the process of searching for a house plan, you will have many things to consider. One of the most important being how much living space you will need now, and in the future.


One of the determining factors is the size (width) of your building lot. If you lot is at least 60' wide, or wider, you may not need a basement to get the living space you need. But if you've purchased a narrow lot, you may have to go with either a two story house, or add a full basement.


The area you are building in will also be a determining factor. Some parts of the country such as the south will not allow you to dig down for a basement, due to the water table being too high, and your basement will be prone to flooding.

So if the soil on your lot will allow a basement, this should be a consideration.


You can almost double your square footage by adding a basement, and the cost may not be too much higher for construction, if you delay finishing off the basement until a later date.


Most of our house plans can be modified to add a full basement, for an additional cost. Some of out house plans are already drawn including a full basement or a walk-out basement. You can do an advanced search on our website to find these.


A finished basement during construction may be necessary if you need the additional living space immediately. If you do not, this is where you can same some money by including an unfinished basement.

If your lot is sloping from front to back, you may want to go with a walkout basement, which can provide you with access to the rear covered patio or porch,  and back yard area. This will also bring in natural lighting to your basement area.


Keep in mind that when it comes time for the HVAC contractor to install your equipment, you will have additional costs for a slightly larger unit, as well as additional ductwork to service the basement in the future.


Whether you decide on a full basement or walk-out basement, with an unfinished basement you will be able to complete the finishing work after you are living in the home, in your leisure time. After you take occupancy you will have a better idea of how you want to use the basement for family activities.


When it comes time to sell your home and move on, a finished basement can be a key selling point, and will add considerably to the value of your home.