With recent economic turns, home buyers have discovered that in most cases building a home is just as affordable as purchasing an existing home. While home building is not for everyone, there are some advantages that a homeowner should consider before deciding to build or to buy.
While custom designed homes may truly be beyond the reach of the average consumer, there are many companies out there that provide stock house plans in nearly every style and size of home that a person can imagine.  Stock house plans range in size from small starter homes to luxury mansions.  You can also choose a style ranging anywhere from Spanish and Mediterranean to Colonial.  Even if you are considering building an eco-friendly green home, you can find it in online house plans.  In most cases, you can also choose from several different foundations to match your needs.  Even though the house plan is already designed, a lot of the time you still have the flexibility to make minor changes that do no affect the structure of the house.  For instance, window sizes or kitchen layouts can easily be changed on site with the help of your builder without necessarily changing the actual house plan.
Immediate availability is another advantage of purchasing a house plan online.  Typically plans are printed and shipped within 48 hours after your order, which means you have your plans in hand within a few days.  Some plans are even available to be emailed, which further streamlines the process.  This is a huge time saver if you are looking to get your house plan project under way quickly.  Hiring an architect to design a custom home can add approximately three months and thousands of dollars onto your home construction project.   Most house plan designers are also happy to help you make custom changes to your plan.  All you have to do is make a list of changes that you want to make.  The designer will review the changes and get back to you with a quote for the modifications.  This process is normally one to two days, and you then have the option to keep the plan as is or make custom changes to your house plan.  Keep in mind that a sketch of the plan with changes made really helps them give a more accurate quote!
One thing to keep in mind is that when you purchase a set of house plans from an online house plan broker, it may be necessary to make minor changes to meet your local building codes or have the plan stamped by a local engineer or architect.  If you are required to have your house plans stamped by a local engineer, this will be required whether you purchase a stock house plan or have your plans custom designed.  You can contact your local authorities to see what requirements will need to be met before purchasing your plans.  Also plan to call your neighborhood home owners association to make sure that the exterior and size of your home meets their requirements.
As you can see, there are many advantages to purchasing a set of home building plans online.  Having a wide variety of house plans available to you within days and the ability to make small customizations in a short time frame, really do make purchasing a stock house plan a sensible option.  The lower upfront costs are certainly appealing as well!  Choosing to purchase home plan sets from a reputable company is a great decision for someone who is unfamiliar with home building or homebuyers who just aren't finding the house of their dreams through their realtor!