How to Build a House

Step 2 - Find a Location

Once you are prequalified you are going to want to start looking for an area to build your home. It may be in a new or existing subdivision or on infill lot close to the city or on a lot in the countryside. During this process you may want to bring a realtor on board to assist you in doing narrowing down a location, as well as helping you thru the remaining steps. Although you can do it yourself, it can be time consuming and frustrating at times, especially if you are working full time and have children. In addition, realtors in many locations have access to proprietary information that is not available to the general public.


 During this part of the process you are going to be looking for a specific neighborhood to build your home. Factors that are important here include, but are not limited to, commuting distance to work, access to good schools, crime rate, public transportation, places of worship, recreational facilities, shopping, dining, lot size, zip code, tax rates and potential resell value.


 Each individual new homeowner will have priorities that are different, so it is important to write down what is important to you and your family. Then prioritize the list by assigning a value of 1-10 to each factor, with a 1 being non critical and a 10 being critical. This will help you and / or your realtor concentrate on pinning down the perfect location and helps to make the search more productive. Now that you know where you want to build the fun part begins.


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