Hillside Sloping Lot House PlanAbout Hillside and Sloping Lot House Plans

Hillside home plans are those that are designed to incorporate a hillside or slope on the property. Hillside home plans are most often two or two and a half stories, and can be designed in a number of ways, depending on how the slope is situated in regards to the actual house. If the slope bisects the home from front to back, then the resulting home plan is often called a split level home, with the half-story to one side. When the slope bisects the house from side to side, then the result is most often a walkout or daylight basement, or even a recreational room on the sub-level, with living quarters above. Hillside home plans have been designed with topography in mind, and can be tailored to suit you personality and lifestyle. It is not unusual to find country home plans, European home plans, or even luxury homes plans that are built for a sloping parcel.

Unique Features of Hillside and Sloping Lot Home Plans:Hillside Sloping Lot House Plan

  • Built into hillside or on sloping lots to make the most of limited land.

  • Can be adapted to any style to reflect the homeowner’s taste and personality.

  • Foundation types can be modified to fit your property.

  • Basements, walkout basements and lower level garages are popular.


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