Detached Garage Construction Plans


RS1830 Detached RV Garage Workshop & Bsth

On these pages you will find a collection of construction plans for Detached Garages, RV Garages, Carports, Sheds, Boat Storage, Barns, Shops and other Detached Out-Buildings.

These plans are adaptable to fit a homeowner's exact needs and wants, while also achieving efficiency and use.

You will have your choice of selecting a standard garage plan based on the number of cars in your household, as well as adding to it a workshop, loft, storage space, office space with bathroom, RV and boat storage, four wheelers, extra carport, or shed for lawn equipment.

The garage plan design can be completely tailored to match your home style. Whether a Traditional, Contemporary, Ranch Style, Victorian, Cape Cod, your garage plan can easily become an extension of the home that matches perfectly.

HPG-0000-0728 Carport Garage


Unique features of Detached Garage Plans:

Can be designed to compliment your existing home

Security for your cars, RV, or four wheeler

Storage for your lawn equipment, tools and seasonal items

Office and workshop space can be added to your present home

Separate buildings for garage and living space




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