Garage Apartment Construction Building Plans


DG-2-717 Garage Apartment

Detached garage construction building plans designs are now given just as much thought and consideration as a full home plan design, and they’re adaptable to fit a homeowners exact needs and wants while also achieving efficiency and use.

Of course, the number of vehicles at each home varies, which is why garage building plans can vary so much. Detsched garage apartment plans are also dependent upon the homeowners aesthetic wishes, so if the homeowner only wants a garage that will hold one car, then this can be done just as easily as a two or three car garage, depending on what the homeowner wants the garage to look like.

For many people though, garages never end up being about storing a car, and are often more used for storage, a workshop, RVs, four wheelers, boats, and more. Garage apartment plans are also becoming more popular for families who need additional living space for other family members, or want to take on a rental unit.

One of the most alluring things about having an additional garage that adds function and style is that garage plan designs can be completely tailored to match the homeowners home. Whether a Victorian, Cape Cod, or Ranch style home, a garage plan can easily become a ‘miniature’ extension of the home that matches perfectly.

RDS2301 Garage Apartment


Unique features of Detached Garage Apartment Construction Building Plans:

Separate building for garage and living space

Can be built to compliment existing home style

Perfect for in-law suite, or rental unit.





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