Custom House Plans

Custom House Plan Design or Stock Plan Modification Services


Custom House Plans:

Although our main focus is selling Stock House Plans, we do offer custom residential design services through one of our local designers.
Pricing can run from $4,000 - $8,000 for a complete set of working drawings. More specifically, it runs about $1.85 per square foot (total covered area). These prices do not include any engineering fees which may be required in your county. Please confirm what your county requires before proceeding with our design services.

To receive a price quote for your custom design you can email us at: Sales@AmazingPlans.com.

Stock Plan Modification Services:

For stock plan modifications please use the "Ask Designer" feature that is on every plan page and ask the designer if they offer modification services. If not, then our local designer can do them for you! For our local designer to provide this service he will need to work from the CAD file set . So, if the designer of the plan you're interested in purchasing does offer CAD files for purchase then we can provide a quote for modifications.

To receive a price quote for stock plan modifications you can email us at: Sales@AmazingPlans.com.

Any other questions? No problem, call us toll free at: 1-800-250-4505 or Search our Stock Plans Online.

Thanks, The Amazing Plans Staff