Colonial Style House Plans


Colonial Style House Plan ro-2645Colonial home plans date back to historical New England. It is a style which is timeless and has changed a little to suit the needs of today's lifestyle. The Garrison Colonial, New England Colonial, Dutch Colonial, Salt Box, Southern, and Modern Colonials are just a few of the various Colonial styles.

A colonial home can be described as any house where the second floor living area is 100% of the first floor living area. More specifically it is very symmetrical with a center (or slightly offset) door with windows equally spaced on both sides. The roof ridge runs parallel to the main road. Bedrooms are usually always on the second floor. Newer versions of the Colonial are usually 2 story with a covered front porch, attached garage, and a family room situated behind the garage. The second floor living area frequently extends over all or part of the garage. They almost always have grand columns along the front of the home.



Unique Features of Colonial Home Plans:Colonial Style House Plan


Generally has a historical, timeless unique style.

The front entry door is normally centered on the home.

Windows are generally spaced evenly on both sides.

Most popular in full two story plans with columns in front.






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