Cape Cod and New England Style House Plans


Cape Cod Style House PlanOriginating in New England in the 1600’s, Cape Cod homes are typically one and a half stories, with the second floor being smaller than the ground floor. Window shutters are a prominent feature of Cape Cod or New England style homes, initially serving as storm protection rather than decoration. Commonly clad in shake shingle or wood siding, Cape Cod and New England style home plans call for steep roofs with a narrow overhang that withstand heavy rain or snowfall.

The symmetry of Cape Cod and New England home styles is reflected inside as well. A central hallway divides living space from sleeping quarters, and kitchens are typically located at the rear of the home. The clean, straight lines outside become perfectly square rooms inside.



Unique Features of Cape Cod and New England Style House Plans:


Cape Cod New England Style House Plan

  • One and a half stories, rather than full second floor.

  • Shake shingle or wood siding exterior.

  • Steeply sloped roofs with dormers.

  • Symmetrical exterior appearance mirrored on the inside.




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