Beach & Coastal House Plans

Beach House Plan  G2-3645 IslanderBeach or coastal homes are typically built on stilts or pilings due to their nearness to the ocean and its rising and falling tides. Because of this feature, beach home plans are also well suited for homes built near lakes or rivers, to safeguard against flooding. These home plans often incorporate decks or porches that wrap around most, if not all, of the home to allow the homeowner to enjoy all the views the home has to offer. While modern styles of beach or pilings homes are prevalent today, there are also many that have cozier elements. Able to be customized to reflect almost any style, beach or pilings home plans can be Victorian, Cape Cod, Traditional, Contemporary, or any other style. As these homes are usually designed with the wide-open space of a large body of water nearby, the home plans often integrate that open feel throughout. The architecture of beach or pilings home plans often incorporate large windows and multiple-paned glass doors that can be opened to allow the fresh sea breeze to flow through the home. Due to often limited land on ocean-front or lake-front lots, beach or pilings home plans are often designed to be tall, rather than wide, with the living areas on the first floor, and bedrooms upstairs. When building a beach or pilings home, standard roofing is not the same shingle style roof that typically found inland: higher wind speeds call for either heavier shingles, such as clay or terra cotta, or solid roofing, such as steel or aluminum.Beach House Plan H2306B


Unique Features of Beach and Coastal Home Plans:

  • Built on stilts or pilings to protect from rising water levels.

  • Wrap-around porches or decks.

  • Metal or clay shingle roofs are most popular.

  • Large windows and glass doors offer brighter, sunnier atmosphere indoors.

  • Interesting architectural features such as widows' walks and lookout towers.



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