Handicap Accessible houseplansMore and more home plan designers are making their stock home design plans with the idea of accessibility in mind. As the aged population of our country is on the rise, now more than ever there is a demand for this type of housing and obviously then for this type of accessible home plan.


What is accessible? There are three different ways to look at home accessibility and the impact it has on choosing home design plans. The three are not really different, however they allow for certain instances where complete accessibility may not be selected as a criteria for home design plan selection.


First, the homebuilder is disable and wheelchair bound. In this specific case, the home owner would look for home design plans that either include accessibility design or can be appropriately modified at a reasonable cost. Some stock home plans include options that can be used to increase accessibility within and on the outside of the home being designed and built.


Grab bar for tubSome of the criteria that this person might look for in a stock home plan include: wheel chair ramp on the exterior, one or more entrances to the home with no steps required, door ways of 32 inches or more, and bathrooms large enough to accommodate a turning radius for the wheelchair. Home building plans can generally be simply adapted for these items.


Second, the homebuilder has guests who are disabled. I this case, the home plan changes may not need to be quite as extensive as in the plan modification information provided above. However, it is necessary to have the same zero step entrance and more than likely a first floor bathroom for guests. Other accommodations can be made in the stock home plans purchased for the building of a home. However, significantly less requirements are in place in terms of modifications to existing building plans for this type of home buyer.


Finally, the homebuilder needs to address the idea that they may become disabled, a family member could become disabled or they could potentially sell their home to someone requiring accessibility options that can be added easily to the home design plans.


Primarily, the following items should always be incorporated in the home design plans for new construction: At least one entrance to the homes main floor with no step required for entry, a first floor bathroom large enough to accommodate a wheelchair and containing a wheelchair accessible sink, doorways significantly large enough to allow easy pass through for wheelchairs.


Simply considering the implications to the stock home plans that you are considering or have purchased will empower the home builder should they be disabled, become disabled, have guests who are disabled or decide to see their home build from home design plans to a buyer who is disabled. There really are no detrimental effects of making your new home accessible. Take a look at home design plan options to see which plan is right for the level of accessibility you require.

This home building article by:
Michelle McClory with AmazingPlans.com