Three Options for Diamond Designs on Flooring


Whether you are moving in a new home and adding your own personal finishing touches or you are refurbishing old flooring in an older home, it’s fun to add diamond designs in your flooring. There are more ways to get this design than parquet flooring or colored tiles. Here are three cool ways to get this design element in your home.


  1. Design diamond shapes using stain on hardwood flooring or right on subflooring.

    If you have an older wood floor that needs sanding and refinishing, consider using the stain to define the diamond shapes on your floor.

    Create a stencil with the size diamonds you prefer, and cut at least four of them. You will be staining in the negative space surrounding the stencils. You may even want to create a grid of six to eight diamonds so you can move around the room faster.

    You could also use tape to define where to stain.

  2. Use two different kinds of wood flooring strips to create a diamond design.

    It will be more expensive than merely staining over existing old hardwood, but it will certainly give your flooring a high-end look. Create 13” x 13” diamonds by using four wood strips in each diamond; alternating wood finishes to create the diamond pattern. Painstaking? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

  3. Paint diamond designs on hardwood flooring that has seen better days.

    Painting older and more damaged hardwood or subflooring is an option to do just like with the stain process. You will need to prep it by priming where you plan on painting so that your paint will adhere well and not come off the first time you mop.

    You can use stencil patterns or you can simply tape off your diamond shapes and paint. This is definitely a much less expensive option if you are looking to brighten up a room in an old house and you are on a tight budget.

There are multiple ways to revive old flooring or customize new flooring and the best way to decide what to do is to look at home improvement or DIY websites that can provide inspiration. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you will save yourself a lot of money by figuring out these methods of preparation and design yourself rather than hiring someone.