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  1. DT0104 - Enotoh

    DT0104 - Enotoh

    Square Feet: 456 Bedrooms: 1
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    Enotah is a modern hunting cabin. It has one bedroom which can be furnished with a queen size bed or two bunkbeds. The living has a wood fireplace, and the porch is heated with a small wood stove. The hike'e (pronounced "hickey-ay") is a Hawaiian sleeping couch. A small tankless gas water heater is mounted on the outside of the cabin. Learn More
  2. DT0118 Canoe

    DT0118 Canoe

    Square Feet: 477 Bedrooms: 1
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    Canoe is the ultimate romantic getaway home. The luxury bedroom and bath are connected and feature a steam shower and claw-foot tub. The outdoor living space is perfect for evening breezes and looking over the water. Learn More
  3. DT0124 - Winnipeg Garage

    DT0124 - Winnipeg Garage

    Square Feet: 505 Bedrooms: 2
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    The Winnipeg garage was designed to blend into an existing neighborhood with early 1900's styling, but still provide the "easy-access" of a large garage door. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, bath, kitchen and living spaces. Learn More
  4. DT0102 - Bungalow Garage

    DT0102 - Bungalow Garage

    Square Feet: 510 Bedrooms: 1
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    The perfect craftsman style garage apartment. Learn More
  5. DT0101 - Charleston Garage

    DT0101 - Charleston Garage

    Square Feet: 551 Bedrooms: 1
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    The perfect historic garage apartment. Learn More
  6. DT0092 - Glassing

    DT0092 - Glassing

    Square Feet: 688 Bedrooms: 2
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    A modern home designed for property with a view. Each bedroom has space for a large bed, or a grouping of bunk beds for the kids. The construction of this home is designed to minimize the weight of building materials allowing construction in more remote locations. Learn More
  7. DT0107 - Leverage

    DT0107 - Leverage

    Square Feet: 784 Bedrooms: 1
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    Leverage is a modern garage apartment with a loft-style living layout. Learn More
  8. dt0023 - Reunion Cottage

    dt0023 - Reunion Cottage

    Square Feet: 841 Bedrooms: 1
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    This quaint vacation-style cottage provides a perfect couples getaway. The bedroom suite showcases a large closet and full-featured bath area. The traditional living room with fireplace is perfect for reading relaxing or visiting with guests. The front and rear porch provide a place to enjoy the scenic views. The exterior of the home is stucco and lap siding with decorative moldings shutters and wood porch railings. Exposed roof rafters and stucco watertable define the classic old-world styling. Learn More
  9. DT0066 Cascade

    DT0066 Cascade

    Square Feet: 860 Bedrooms: 2
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    Cascade is your secluded romantic getaway spot. Small and affordable. Learn More
  10. DT0070 Kariboo

    DT0070 Kariboo

    Square Feet: 930 Bedrooms: 2
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    Kariboo is the perfect modern getaway home with living spaces on the upper floor, and plenty of covered parking and storage below. The flat roof is slightly sloped and capped with metal to provide snow removal. The balcony can be fitted with radiant heating for snow removal as well. The lower floor mechanical space provides easy installation of the heating and cooling ducts in the floor and roof truss system. The exterior features commercial style windows and cable railing. Learn More
  11. DT0058 Monocle

    DT0058 Monocle

    Square Feet: 1225 Bedrooms: 1
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    The Monocle is a Coastal-Modern design distinguished by it's 16-sided structure traditional detailing and ultra-modern interior layout. This design lets you view your property in all directions. The kitchen features an under-counter refrigerator. The bedroom is open and spacious and the bath can be closed off from the rest of the house with 2 pocket doors. Learn More
  12. DT0043 Trenton

    DT0043 Trenton

    Square Feet: 1345 Bedrooms: 1
    Full Bathrooms: 1
    The Trenton is a 70�s Retro-Modern designed to provide the open feel of a loft residence but with the privacy and outdoor experience of a single-family residence. The plan is open and bright with hardwood floors glass walls and multiple levels to provide subtle divisions between room functions. Learn More

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